What is permanent jewelry?

I know we've all fallen victim to annoying tiny clasps on a piece of jewelry that we love.

Enter permanent jewelry. Permanent jewelry lacks the traditional clasp and is instead tailored to your body and painlessly welded or soldered together.

This doesn't mean that the jewelry is indestructible. Even though the chains are crafted with materials meant to withstand everyday wear and tear, it is still a good idea to treat it with a little TLC.

Even though permanent jewelry is made to stay on long term it is easy to remove if you should ever need to do so.

What if I need to remove my permanent jewelry?

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Find the jump ring that was welded together to connect your chain


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Use nail clippers / small wire cutters to gently cut the jump ring

*Please use caution when doing this. If you feel unsure about doing it yourself, please contact us and we will be more than happy to help you*


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Put your chain away for safe keeping. If you ever decide you’d like it put back on just message us.



Prices plus tax




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All kid pieces are clasped for safety. No exceptions.






$ 55

$ 65

$ 85

$ 15

$ 15 each

Kids Bracelet (ages 5 - 12)

Kids Anklet (ages 5 - 12)

$ 45

$ 55

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Mo' Shiny Mo' Betta Deals

*Offers valid per person only. Cannot be split between patrons.

Bracelets 2 for $100 ($50 each, save $10)

Kids Bracelets 2 for $80 ($40 each, save $10)

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Re-weld for chains not purchased at Gilded Empress Jewelry

Re-weld for Gilded Empress Chains

First re-weld is free $5 each after your first

Please contact us for price inquiries on 24k gold options

All sales are final.

Gilded Empress Jewelry is not responsible for mishandled, damaged, broken, lost &/or stolen chains or charms.

Is permanent jewelry right for everyone?

Due to the nature of the welding process, we recommend that anyone with a pacemaker avoid getting permanent jewelry.

Don’t worry though, here at Gilded Empress Jewelry we offer clasps for all of our chains to ensure everyone can make memories.

It’s also recommended that people with known allergies to precious metals avoid getting permanent jewelry.

Au-some tidbits about precious metals

Gold bars
14k Gold

24 karat gold

The purest of the pure gold. 24k gold is extremely malleable and prone to scratches. It won't tarnish on its own, but chlorine can discolor it.

10k, 14k, 18k gold

While not the only karat options, these are the most popular ones. The higher the karat number, the more concentration of gold, the deeper the color, the higher the shine, but more prone to scratches. Is still “solid gold”.

Gold filled

Permanently bonded gold layers to a base metal. This permanent bond means the gold layers won’t flake or peel. When taken care of, gold filled will last like solid gold.

Bail with 925 sterling silver stamp

Sterling silver

Gold vermeil

Gold plated

92.5% pure silver mixed permanently with 7.5% other metals (usually zinc or copper) to strengthen it. Due to the mixture of silver with another metal some with sensitive skin may find it to not be hypoallergenic.

Thicker layer of gold when compared to “plated” surrounding a sterling silver base. Over time this gold layer can wear away and tarnish. Not ideal to wear in water.

Thin layer of gold electroplated to a base metal such as copper, brass, or zinc. This thin layer can be fast to wear away leaving the base metal exposed. When this base metal is exposed oxidation occurs, leaving your skin green.

Yellow Brush Stroke

Here at Gilded Empress we offer chains, charms, and clasps in gold filled, rose gold filled, and sterling silver. We can also supply 24k gold upon request.

These options allow us to provide you with quality pieces at affordable prices.

Gilded Empress Permanent Jewelry FAQs

How long will my jewelry last?

Permanent jewelry is not indestructible jewelry. While it is made to withstand everyday wear and tear, it is

still fine jewelry and should be treated with a little TLC. With a little care it can last months or even years.

Why do kid pieces have to be made with a clasp? I thought permanent jewelry was for everyone.

Because, safety. Kids play rough, and that’s amazing! What’s not amazing is a bracelet getting hung on

something while kids are playing. The addition of a clasp allows for the piece to be removed when the guardian

knows that their child will be playing their little heart out.

Are Gilded Empress pieces under any kind of warranty?

Kind-of. From now until November 20, 2023 you are encouraged to bring us any pieces purchased from us

if you have any issues for free repair. If the chain is beyond repair we will come up with a solution

best suited for the issue.

Does it hurt?

Nope! The only thing you’ll feel is the excitement of getting a piece of permanent jewelry.

What if my weld breaks?

Don’t panic! Gilded Empress Jewelry stands behind their welds. If your piece comes apart at the weld your

first repair is free. Additional weld repairs for pieces purchased at Gilded Empress is $5.

If you stand behind your welds then why is there a charge for additional repairs?

Permanent does not equal indestructible. It only means a chain lacks a clasp. So, while Gilded Empress

provides pieces that are meant to withstand everyday wear, they are still considered fine jewelry and should

be treated as such.

What if my chain gets broken or is lost?

Gilded Empress ensures that your piece is fully welded and there are no issues with the chain on

the day of your appointment. If you apply enough stress to the chain or if it gets snagged on something, the

chain can break. If you find yourself with a broken chain from Gilded Empress, please bring it to our

attention ASAP. We will inspect the chain before re-welding and ensure there are no issues.

If the integrity of the chain has been compromised or if it has overstretched then you will

need to purchase a new chain. So, while Gilded Empress provides pieces that are meant to withstand everyday

wear, they are still considered fine jewelry and should be treated as such.

We don't offer chain replacements on broken or lost pieces. If your piece is lost you will need to purchase a replacement.

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